Train for the Cape Epic!

Posted on Tue May 21, 2024.

Stay at our guesthouse, in the heart of mountain biking heaven, and train for the ABSA CAPE EPIC! 

Staying at the Boutique Villa guesthouse in Somerset West would be a great idea for someone - or a group of cyclists - wanting to train for the Absa Cape Epic mountain bike race for several reasons:

1. Proximity to Trails:
Somerset West is situated in close proximity to a variety of mountain biking trails that are ideal for training purposes. The town is surrounded by the Helderberg Mountains, which offer a range of trails catering to different skill levels. Cyclists can find diverse terrain, from challenging climbs to thrilling descents, to help them prepare for the demanding routes of the Absa Cape Epic. Our guesthouse is a mere 2.5km away from legendary Lourensford wine farm, where many an Epic stage race has been held - and home to over 100km of unforgettable trails. 

For a list of incredible trails that you can access from our guesthouse without having to drive there, click here! 

2. Scenic Routes:
Training in Somerset West provides cyclists with the opportunity to ride through stunning landscapes and natural beauty. The region's trails often wind through vineyards, forests, and mountainous terrain, offering not only physical challenges but also breathtaking views that can inspire and motivate riders during their training sessions.

3. Climate:
Somerset West enjoys a Mediterranean climate, characterised by warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. This climate is conducive to outdoor training throughout the year, allowing cyclists to maintain their fitness levels and skills without being hindered by extreme weather conditions. Consistent weather patterns make it easier for riders to stick to their training schedules and make the most of their time on the bike.

4. Amenities and Facilities:
Somerset West is well-equipped with amenities and facilities that cater to cyclists' needs. From shopping malls, to bike shops for repairs and gear purchases to cafes and restaurants for post-ride refuelling, as well as great physiotherapists and doctors, cyclists can find everything they need within close proximity to our guesthouse. (Our guesthouse is 5 minute drive to the main town).

5. The guesthouse is mountain bike friendly:
There is safe parking inside the guesthouse and a safe and secure room where you can keep your bicycles and equipment throughout your stay with us - we know how important this is!. The breakfast staff can also accommodate early breakfasts if you would like to hit the trails early, especially for those longer rides. There is a large pool where you are able to swim in the summer or winter to enable your body to recover optimally. There are also great sports massage therapists, physiotherapists and doctors in the area should you require any consultations while you are with ust. If your training schedule is in winter, we have a large and inviting fireplace in the lounge area where you can sit and warm up after a ride, and socialise with your friends in the evenings. We are also a very easygoing guesthouse, so you are welcome to use the kitchen to prepare your lunch or evening meals, it's no problem.

6. World-class mountain biking coach right on your doorstep! 
If you don't already have one, contact Erica Green from Daisyway Coaching for your training plan - she is five minutes away from our guesthouse and I cannot recommend her highly enough as an ABSA CAPE EPIC coach and mentor, former Olympian, Cape Epic rider etc etc. She is just brilliant. for more info.

6. Proximity to Cape Town:
Somerset West is located just a short drive away from Lourendsford and Cape Town, the starting point of the Absa Cape Epic. This proximity allows riders to easily access the city for additional training opportunities closer to the time,or to participate in group rides, or attend pre-race events leading up to the epic race.

Overall, staying at the Boutique Villa guesthouse in Somerset West provides Cape Epic riders with the ideal training ground, offering extreme comfort while enduring challenging training sessions each day. What better place to stay than home away from home in the beautiful Cape Winelands. 

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